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CSI Performance Single Row LED light bars feature a sleak, low-profile design while putting out an amazing amount of light. Each light has a waterproof rating of IP68 and uses quality CREE LED chips. Available in flood or spot beam, from 6" to 50", you're sure to find the right light for your vehicle. Wiring kits sold separately, lights are sold individually.

Performance Single Row LED light bars include a pair of HD brackets (Click for Photo), and low profile mounting brackets (Click for Photo).

Part #SizeTypeWattsLEDsLumensIP RatingBeam
Amp Draw @ 12/24VPhoto
W48106"Flood24W6 x 5W CREE2250681083'1.65/0.93Low | High
W48116"Spot24W6 x 5W CREE2250682925'1.65/0.93Low | High
W481210"Flood40W10 x 5W CREE3750681425'3.3/1.4Low | High
W481310"Spot40W10 x 5W CREE3750683847'3.3/1.4Low | High
W481420"Flood80W20 x 5W CREE7500681880'6.5/2.9Low | High
W481520"Spot80W20 x 5W CREE7500684985'6.5/2.9Low | High
W481730"Flood120W30 x 5W CREE11250682470'9.5/4.5Low | High
W481830"Spot120W30 x 5W CREE11250686500'9.5/4.5Low | High
W482040"Flood160W40 x 5W CREE15000682880'12.8/6.2Low | High
W482140"Spot160W40 x 5W CREE15000687480'12.8/6.2Low | High
W482350"Flood200W50 x 5W CREE18750683165'15.7/7.7Low | High
W482450"Spot200W50 x 5W CREE18750688000'15.7/7.7Low | High

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