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CSI's Performance Low Profile Dual Row LED light bars feature high quality Osram LED chips, IP68 waterproof rating, end-mount brackets, and great looks. These lights are tough and built to last. Whether its on your daily-driver, rock crawler, or UTV, you'll find a light sure to fit your needs. Wiring kits sold separately, lights are sold individually.

Low Profile Dual Row LED Bars include a pair of HD mounting brackets. Click for photo.

Part #SizeTypeWattsLEDsLumensIP RatingBeam
Amp Draw @ 12/24VPhoto
W48262"Flood12W4 x 3W Osram84068820'0.93/0.48Low | High
W48272"Spot12W4 x 3W Osram990682250'0.93/0.48Low | High
W48284"Flood20W8 x 3W Osram168068950'1.56/0.80Low | High
W48294"Spot20W8 x 3W Osram1680682610'1.56/0.80Low | High
W48306"Flood24W12 x 3W Osram2520681058'2.0/0.90Low | High
W48316"Spot24W12 x 3W Osram2520682850'2.0/0.90Low | High
W483310"Flood40W20 x 3W Osram4200681425'3.42/1.45Low | High
W483410"Spot40W20 x 3W Osram4200683775'3.42/1.45Low | High
W483620"Flood80W40 x 3W Osram8400681880'6.8/2.95Low | High
W483720"Spot80W40 x 3W Osram8400684950'6.8/2.95Low | High
W483930"Flood120W60 x 3W Osram12600682470'10.2/4.5Low | High
W484030"Spot120W60 x 3W Osram12600686425'10.2/4.5Low | High
W484240"Flood160W80 x 3W Osram16800682880'14.9/6.0Low | High
W484340"Spot160W80 x 3W Osram16800687345'14.9/6.0Low | High
W484550"Flood200W100 x 3W Osram21000683165'18.3/7.6Low | High
W484650"Spot200W100 x 3W Osram21000687920'18.3/7.6Low | High

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